Where is the Donau-Auen National Park exactly?

The Donau-Auen National Park is located in the federal provinces of Vienna and Lower Austria and stretches along the Danube River, beginning in the Viennese Lobau and running all the way to the Austrian-Slovakian border at Hainburg.

How do I get to the National Park?

There are several entrances to the national park; it may be accessed freely from all marked routes. The schlossORTH National Park Centre in Orth on the Danube and the wien-lobAU National Park House in Vienna are the first points of contact for national park visitors.

What is there to do in the National Park?

A great variety of activities may be carried out at the national park, from guided walking tours to boat tours and even exploration project weeks for school classes.
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What sorts of plants and animals live in the national park?

The Danube wetlands are home to a wealth of species, including some endangered and some extremely rare ones: more than 800 types of vascular plants, more than 30 types of mammals, 100 types of breeding birds, 8 reptile and 13 amphibian species, around 60 kinds of fish and thousands of invertebrates.