Welcome to the national park

We invite you to explore the Donau-Auen National Park and to understand nature. A wide range of guided excursions can be booked, and there is also a well-signposted network of paths in the national park area for individual visits.

Your first contact for all questions is the schlossORTH National Park Center,
Tel. 02212/3555, schlossorth@donauauen.at

Download the general map of the national park

Current information: Conducting excursions with safety requirements

  • Our national park rangers have been trained according to the official hygiene regulations. Please follow the instructions of the ranger.

  • Excursions are conducted without contact and in compliance with the required minimum distance.

  • Participants in field trips and events must provide proof that they have been vaccinated, tested, or have recovered. Proof will be checked by rangers prior to the start, if none is provided, participation cannot be allowed. The proof of low epidemiological risk must be valid for the entire duration of the excursion, so please pay attention to the expiration date of the validity of tests. For logistical reasons, we do not offer the possibility of an on-site antigen test for self-testing.

  • We will make every effort to still offer a field trip in accordance with current Covid regulations and school policy. The reduced group size for the boat tours leads to price increases for individual guests and schools due to the increased resource and personnel requirements.

  • Regarding vacation and multi-day camps, we comply with the Covid-19 regulations in effect at the time of implementation and implement all necessary measures (participant number restrictions, prevention concept, staff training, etc.). We will be happy to inform interested parties in more detail about the specific measures upon request.

Information about guided excursions

  • Our national park rangers will accompany you and help you to pay attention to special features. Offers on fixed dates are aimed at individuals and families. Many offers can be booked for groups at the desired date. Special packages are available for travel agencies and bus companies. We also offer special programs for schools and kindergartens, tailored to the age group.

  • Many tours can be conducted in German, English and Slovak, on request also in other languages. Some offers can be adapted to people with special needs.

  • In principle, the excursions take place in any weather. In case of high or low water and in case of heavy rain, the programs and routes may be changed at short notice. Dogs are not allowed on boat excursions.

  • The Donau-Auen National Park GmbH and the national park rangers accept no liability for personal injury or damage to property.

  • Attention is always paid to the safety of the guests. Information on safety standards

  • You will find all current brochures for download

Current notice

Our national park rangers have been trained in accordance with the official regulations in a separate seminar. Accordingly, excursions are conducted without contact and in compliance with the required minimum distance. Please follow the instructions of the ranger.

Note: The ongoing development and operation of the Visitor Program is funded by the Rural Development Program with support from the Province of Lower Austria and the European Commission.

The Donau-Auen National Park without a Guide

You can also get to know the Danube wetlands on your own by taking a walk or a cycling tour through the national park. There is a network of marked trails and signage for visitors in the park, whereby bringing your own hiking map is always a good idea. In order to protect nature in the national parks, you must stay on the marked trails and dogs must be kept on a leash. In some bodies of water, swimming and (non-motorised) boating is allowed.
Caution: when waters are at high levels it may be necessary to re-route or even close some of the trails for safety reasons!