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Barbel - Barbus barbus


The Barbel is a characteristic species found on free-flowing stretches of the Danube. It is a demersal fish, meaning it is found near or on the bottom of a body of water.
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Bitterling - Rhodeus sericeus amarus (Bloch)


During mating season, males exhibit a deep red underside – but during the rest of the year, the small silver Bitterlings are quite inconspicuous.
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Northern Pike - Esox lucius

Northern Pike

Its elongated body and long, beak-like snout make the Northern Pike utterly distinctive. In the daytime, it lurks in thick aquatic vegetation or behind deadwood.
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Mudminnow - Umbra krameri


This small, unobtrusive fish lives in the swamp waters in areas with sedimentation. Long thought to be lost forever, the Mudminnow was rediscovered in the Danube wetlands in 1992.
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Asp - Aspius aspius


The Asp is the only European carp which is purely predatory; it is one of the rare piscivore carp types. Once extremely widespread, the Asp is nowadays rare.
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Sterlet - Acipenser ruthenus


The Sterlet is the only living representative of the sturgeon family which lives year round in freshwater; is in danger of becoming extinct.
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