01.04.2023 - 31.10.2023
approx. 3 hours

schlossORTH Nationalpark-Zentrum
Tel. 02212/3555
E-Mail: schlossorth@donauauen.at

€ 250 per rubber dinghy (max. 10 persons)

minimum of 6 persons

Rubber Dinghy Tour and Wetlands Walk in Orth/Danube

Together with National Park Rangers, take a rubber dinghy from Orth/Danube onto a Danube side branch. First you will receive basic instruction in paddling, and then you will be ready to enter the wetlands forest. See where beavers have gone before you, and learn more about the tracks of nocturnal forest inhabitants. Water conditions permitting, a gravel bank – the nucleus of the wetlands – may emerge. You may even glimpse a heron, a kingfisher, or a beaver!

The tour continues with a walk on land with National Park Rangers. No matter the season, this walk is always full of surprises. The flora and fauna of the Danube floodplains are especially rich: learn about deadwood (which is in fact very alive), or the reproductive and survival strategies of plants. High-water marks in the wetlands are true eye-openers, showing just how dynamic this riverine landscape is. Native amphibians and insects may cross your path, and you might even spot rare birds and mammals.