The Auterrasse

The “Auterrasse” on the banks of the Danube near Stopfenreuth is a two-storey, flood-protected platform at the end of the “Uferstraße”. It offers views of the river and serves as a rest area. Large banners provide information about the Network of the Danube Protected Areas DANUBEPARKS.
At this atmospheric location directly on the Danube bank there is a camping meadow and a bathing area with a natural beach, which is frequently used by guests.

All garbage has to be taken away immediately by the guests, there are no containers available on site.
Travellers by boats or bikes are allowed to camp free of charge for a maximum of two nights in a row on the camp meadow. The Auterrasse thus offers an opportunity for an overnight stay in the Donau-Auen National Park for camping fans and visitors passing through.

From May to August a dry toilet is provided on the Auterrasse, other infrastructure is not available.

Campfires are not permitted.

Information desk:
schlossORTH National Park Centre
Tel. 00432212/3555, e-mail: schlossorth@donauauen.at