Muschelschale am Donaustrand

The Auterrasse

The visitor facility “Auterrasse” on the banks of the Danube near Stopfenreuth is a two-storey, flood-protected platform at the end of the “Uferstraße” road. It offers views of the river and an exhibition on the history of the region and also serves as a rest area for guests.
The former campsite at the Auterrasse has been closed. This place is once again serving those seeking relaxation and walkers who appreciate the experience of nature.

The location was originally developed as an offer for cyclists and paddlers passing through. Overnight stays in tents were permitted for a maximum of two nights. However, usage has changed significantly over time. In recent years there has been a development that cannot be combined with the nature experience and nature conservation goals of a national park.

Increasing visitor pressure, camping for several days, noise and a high level of waste are not compatible with the national park-compliant use of the site, so the campground was shut down. The national park administration asks for your understanding and refers to the wide range of campsites in Lower Austria as an alternative.

The meadow near the Auterrasse will be replanted with trees appropriate to the location and will develop naturally.

Notes for guests:

  • For your visit, please use the designated car park in Stopfenreuth (near the start of the Uferstraße) and subsequently the footpath to the Auterrasse.

  • Parking is prohibited on the left-hand side of the Uferstraße. In the vicinity of the Auterrasse, there is a short-term parking zone for short stays with a maximum parking duration of 90 minutes. Due to the signficant increase of local traffic in recent years, the regulations will be monitored and violators will be persecuted. This is intended to reduce the traffic along the Uferstraße and ensure that it remains passable for emergency vehicles.

  • All rubbish is to be taken away.

  • Starting fires is prohibited.

  • Caution is required when the water levels of the Danube are rapidly rising and in the event of flooding, as the low-lying areas of the Uferstraße may be overrun.

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