All excursions guided by national park rangers will take place regardless of (most) weather conditions.

In case of flood, low-level conditions or heavy rain, there may be changes to the programme and/or routes with short notice.

As a rule, we recommend that visitors wear robust recreational or sport apparel and sturdy shoes.

For boat and pond excursions, rubber boots or Wellingtons are recommended. In summer, non-slip, waterproof sport sandals are practical.

Be sure to bring a hat or other head covering and sunscreen. Remember that it is often cooler on the water than elsewhere, thus a vest, windbreaker or raincoat can come in handy.

Also recommended is mosquito repellent or other bug spray. Remember to bring something to eat and drink (and of course take your litter with you when you leave).

Important notice for dog owners: dogs are not allowed on boat excursions!

The National Park GmbH and national park rangers assume no liability for any damage to person or property.