Alpine-Carpathian River Corridor

The region between the Alps and the Carpathians has an incredible biodiversity, lined with natural jewels of outstanding importance. But dynamic economic development is affecting the situation for local animals and plants: habitats are being destroyed or cut apart, so that important migration corridors between protected areas are missing.

The INTERREG Alpine-Carpathian River Corridor project was launched in September 2017 and has a duration of three years. Through cross-border cooperation, strategies are to be developed and measures implemented to improve habitat connectivity. A total of 19 institutions are participating in this project with the aim of strengthening the watercourses in the Slovak-Austrian border region as an ecological network between the Alps and the Carpathians.

The Alpine-Carpathian River Corridor project is funded by the INTERREG V-A SK AT programme of the EU and supported by the federal government, the province of Lower Austria and the Schwechat Water Board. The partners include BROZ, Österreichische Bundesforste and viadonau.


The Donau-Auen National Park is Lead-Partner. In this function, it coordinates the partner organisations with regard to the implementation of project activities and project monitoring. Furthermore, the Donau-Auen National Park is implementing the revitalisation of two sections of the Schwechat River together with the Schwechat Water Board. In addition, small-scale species protection measures to improve the habitat of kingfishers and dice snakes are implemented together with volunteers and schools.

In order to promote cross-border cooperation, the project partners meet regularly and conduct joint studies. The main focus here is on the preparation of catalogues of measures for the improvement of flowing waters and their surrounding areas.

Awareness raising and information are important elements of a project. With the help of information material, a travelling exhibition and excursions, interested parties, especially the local population, are given the opportunity to be directly involved in the implementation of the project.


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The project website offers up-to-date information and downloads.


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