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"Listening to nature" exhibition opened

The new exhibition "Listening to nature" in the lookout tower focuses on the acoustic diversity of species in the Donau-Auen National Park. The protection of biodiversity is a central task of the national park - this also includes acoustic diversity, of which we present a small excerpt.

The exhibition at the schlossORTH National Park Centre can be visited until November 1, 2025. It was designed by Florian Puschmann, who guides visitors through the individual audio stations in his concept. Wildlife biologist Robin Sandfort works in the field of bioacoustics, among other things. Using sophisticated technical recording methods and with the support of AI, he makes the different sounds audible to us. The stations deal with sound events in the environment that are little known to humans - from the sounds of fish, bats, birds and insects to movements in trees and sound events in dead wood.

It can be visited daily during the opening hours of the schlossORTH National Park Centre.
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Project Information

From November 2023 to October 2026, the "Ecovisit SKAT" project will implement cross-border cooperation between several organizations to protect nature. In the Austria-Slovakia project area, with its valuable natural areas that are sensitive to human disturbance, visitor pressure is increasing and people from the growing cities of Vienna and Bratislava are seeking recreation in nature. In the Ecovisit SKAT project, visitors are involved in nature conservation. It was submitted for funding as part of the INTERREG V-A SK-AT cooperation program.

The project has two main focuses:

Visitor offers and visitor guidance

  • Creation of a cross-regional visitor study to determine the motives, interests and origins of visitors

  • Further development of visitor facilities such as eco-centers or themed trails

  • Exhibitions, accompanied by quality-assuring evaluations with visitors

  • Development of environmental education programs and educational materials

  • Awareness-raising and public relations work for the general public and experts (conferences, publications, events)

Renaturalization in the project area

  • Management measures for renaturation such as reforestation, grazing and mowing

  • Involvement of volunteer groups and schools in renaturation work as a nature education measure

As project partners of the Donau-Auen National Park, the Region Marchfeld, the DAPHNE organization und the State Nature Conservation Agency in Slovakia are involved in the Ecovisit SKAT project.


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