Internship Programme

The internship programme at the Donau-Auen National Park offers students and young people from various fields the opportunity to learn more about, and make an active contribution to, the mission and tasks of the National Park.
In addition to applicants from Austria, the National Park has also hosted interns from many different countries in recent years, including Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, UK and the USA.

Interns participate in research and monitoring programmes, assume duties in natural habitat management, and provide support in activities related to the promotion and administration of the National Park. One cornerstone of the intern programme involves operations at the Schlossinsel wetlands grounds at the schlossORTH National Park Centre.
The programme also has highly technical aspects, for example projects which monitor the efficiency of measures implemented to combat non-indigenous species. Many academic papers and theses have been developed from the activities undertaken as interns in this programme.

Interns have the opportunity to live in Orth/Donau for the duration of their internship. A commensurate salary is paid to interns. Donau-Auen National Park internships are at least six weeks long.

Typical duties for interns at the Donau-Auen National Park:

  • Monitoring orchid populations

  • Supervising European Pond Turtle egg deposition spots

  • Monitoring and eliminating non-indigenous species

  • Surveying water and river bank conditions

  • Data collection at game bite monitoring stations

  • Monitoring park visitor behaviour

  • Supervising the wildlife enclosure on the Schlossinsel

  • Designing and carrying out presentations on the Schlossinsel

  • Supporting scientific programmes

  • Supporting DANUBEPARKS projects

  • Participating in marketing and PR activities

  • Participating in National Park events and other public activities

Please send applications to:

Postal mail:
Nationalpark Donau-Auen GmbH
Schlossplatz 1, 2304 Orth/Donau, Österreich