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The Donau-Auen National Park connects two European capitals and is embedded in a cultural landscape of great historical significance. This lends the national park a unique identity. As image bearer and leading institution, but also in its co-operation with other regional partners and initiatives, the national park influences the overall development of the region. There is close collaboration with other leading tourism operations of the region such as the Carnuntum Archaeological Park, Schloss Hof Castle and Eckartsau Castle. This partnership is reflected in a variety of joint events and activities.

The Donau-Auen National Park is integrated in the tourism destinations of the Donau NÖ (Danube/Lower Austria), Römerland Carnuntum-Marchfeld region and the Weinviertel region. Additionally, the schlossORTH National Park Centre is listed as one of the top excursion destinations in Lower Austria and is a partner of the so-called "NÖ Card" offering discounts off admission to top Lower Austrian sights.

In environmental terms, the national park is also part of a larger network. Because the Danube-March wetlands form an interconnected ecosystem across borders, efforts are being stepped up to enhance tourism co-operation in the March and Danube regions.


Donau NÖ, Regional Offices, Römerland Carnuntum – Marchfeld

Hauptstraße 3, 2404 Petronell
Tel. +43 2163/3555-10, e-mail:

Weinviertel Tourism Office

Wiener Straße 1, 2170 Poysdorf
Tel. +43 2552/3515, e-mail:

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