Public transportation

When using public transportation to get to the Donau-Auen National Park from the Danube’s north banks, or to the schlossORTH National Park Centre, use the ÖBB Post Bus Route 550, 552 or 553. Stops in Gross-Enzersdorf, Schönau, Orth/Donau, Eckartsau, and Stopfenreuth.

From the Danube’s south banks, use express train line S7 departing from Vienna (e.g. from Wien Floridsdorf, Praterstern or Wien Mitte), travelling in the direction of Wolfsthal. Stops include Maria Ellend, Haslau, Regelsbrunn, Petronell, and Hainburg.

The Viennese section of the Donau-Auen National Park may be reached by local busses, the Wiener Linien. To get to the wien-lobAU National Park House take bus Route 92B from U2/Donaustadtbrücke or Route 93A from U1/Kagran.

Public transportation information by phone:

Wiener Linien: 00431/7909-100

VOR: 0810 222324

ÖBB-Postbus: 0810 222 333

ÖBB: 051717


By car

To get to the Lobau

Take the Lobau exit from the A22/A23 Autobahn. Continue along the Raffineriestrasse until reaching the entrance to Ölhafen; or take the Stadlau exit from the A23 and continue on to the entrance to Saltenstrasse.

To get to the wien-lobAU National Park House take the Lobau exit from the A22/A23 and continue on the Raffineriestrasse until you reach the Biberhaufenweg.

North banks of the Danube

Take the B3 highway to one of the national park entrances Mühlleiten, Schönau, Orth/Donau, Eckartsau, or Stopfenreuth. From the north, take the B49 along the March (Morava) River after Stopfenreuth.

Take the B3 to Orth/Donau to get to the schlossORTH National Park Centre. A detailled map including parkings spots can be found here.

South banks of the Danube

Exit the A4 Autobahn at Fischamend and continue on the B9 to one of the national park entrances on the south banks: Maria Ellend, Haslau, Regelsbrunn, Bad Deutsch-Altenburg, or Hainburg. From Bratislava, take the B9 to any of the above entrances.

Bridges crossing the Danube

Vienna: Praterbrücke A22, Reichsbrücke

Lower Austria: Hainburger Donaubrücke