Code of conduct

If you wish to explore the national park on your own rather than as part of a guided tour, there are no fees to pay. The area is freely accessible for private purposes on all marked routes, some waters are open for navigation with non-motorized boats.

The Donau-Auen National Park protects a diverse flora and fauna and offers guests impressive nature experiences. However, both can only be achieved by observing certain rules of conduct, which we inform you about here. Please note that these regulations underlying recreational use are covered by legal provisions. They are controlled by the supervisory bodies of the Donau-Auen National Park GmbH and the National Park Forestry Administration.

In addition to these rules of conduct, we ask all visitors to generally avoid noise in the protected floodplain area, in the forest and on the waterways, out of consideration for wildlife and recreation seekers. As soon as it gets dark, we ask you to stop recreational activities in the area and to wait for daybreak before visiting the Donau-Auen National Park. This serves in particular to protect the needs of the animals which are active at twilight or by night.

Individual visitors to the national park should always be on alert for rising water levels and flooding on and near the Danube. Please avoid those areas in which you may be trapped by rapidly rising waters!
Learn more about current and predicted water levels before you visit by calling +43 (0) 2163-3370 or visiting the water level website Online Pegel.
Keep in mind that a mobile phone may be of great assistance in case of emergency.

Furthermore, please note: In the event of force majeure such as strong winds and storms, there is a danger to visitors' lives due to possible falling trees or branches! Check the current weather forecast before visiting the national park area.


Some guests also follow their passion for filming and photography in the Donau-Auen National Park - Note to all amateur photographers and filmmakers: Please also always observe the binding path requirement and the nature conservation regulations for all guests.

The holding of professional shootings, filming or workshops in the area without previous permission or commissioning from the landowners - on the majority of the areas these are the Forestry and Agricultural Enterprise of the City of Vienna or Austrian Federal Forests - is not allowed. Please also note the current tariffs for commercial use in film and photography for ÖBf areas.

Similarly, it is prohibited to hold other organized and/or commercial events on the national park areas without a prior permission, commissioning or cooperation. Please contact the national park administration in a timely manner. For further information: Tel. +43 2212/3555,

Help protect nature - fair behavior in the national park:


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