Zingel zingel

The Zingel belongs to the perch-like family of Perciformes. It occurs only in the Danube and some of its tributaries.

Its body is longish and spindle-shaped, with a pointy head which looks like a triangle when seen from above. It has two large non-joined dorsal fins, grey-yellow flanks with dark brown spots and crosswise bands. Belly is whitish. Length normally from 20 to 30cm.

Moderately flowing river sections of the Danube, Prut, Dniester and some of their river branches. In Austria, oft occurring in the backwaters of the Danube, as these ideally fulfil the species' requirements.

Endangerment and Conservation Status
Critically endangered in Europe; listed as "least concern" on the river Danube.

The Zingel is a demersal fish which hides during the day among rocks, roots and in hollows of river banks. At night, it moves with jerky movements along the bottom. The Zingel feeds on small aquatic animals including smaller fish. Eggs are laid from March to May on overflowing gravel banks.

Special Characteristics
The Zingel can move its eyes independently of each other; they glow greenish in semi-darkness.